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The launching of CherrySkwela Be Cool in School Project has always been exciting for the stakeholders of the project particularly the Cherry Mobile family, the noble partners and most importantly the 10,000 needy children nationwide who will benefit the project. And you may be curious what does each ‘bag of hope’ offers this year to the children from far-flung communities in the archipelago.

The schoolbag symbolizes the children’s dream, it rekindles hope for them to hold on that dreams and make it happen through education. This article opens the bag-zipper for you to learn how each item will practically help these pupils perform in school.

Upon opening the bag, you will see a set of Uni writing instruments. Since the students will be writing most of the time in class and at home when doing homework, these Uniball pens are eco-friendly made of recycled materials that reminds the children to take good care of the environment whenever they use these pens. Every letter they write is a small step towards the attainment of their life goals to improve their current situation. Lupel Corporation, the distributor of Uniball in the Philippines, has been CherrySkwela’s partner since 2016.

Before we proceed to the bountiful school materials in the bag, Splash Corporation has partnered for the first time this year as they contribute memory enhancers for children called Pedia Treats Memorich and Pedia Treats Height Pro. Splash donated more than 33,000 Pedia Treats syrup bottles for the school children. This will help boost the pupils’ scholastic performance in school to enhance their memories and boost their health. For the children who are living in geographically isolated and disadvantaged communities with very scarce financial resources to purchase such nutrition supplements and limited access to basic social services, Pedia Treats will contribute to the improvement of their health at this very important stage of their life being on their formative years.

Now let’s go further to the generous school supplies courtesy of the loyal patrons of National Book Store. The country’s ‘national book store’, through its Project Aral, has contributed notebooks, pencils, sharpener, eraser and a pair of slippers to each child to complete the whole thing. The slippers will replace the old rotten footwear of the children for their daily trekking of miles of mountain trails to reach their school. These complete set of school supplies will motivate the children to pursue schooling despite the hindrances and challenges.

To make CherrySkwela more colourful, the Cherry Mobile employees added crayons to the educational gift for the children. (kindly insert a picture of crayons donated by employees)

The Civil Military Operations Regiment of the Philippine Army has committed to help deliver these CherrySkwela items to the isolated schools as we capitalize to the military’s extensive capacity on mobility of supplies. And although the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples and the Department of Education identified most of the recipient schools based on a given criteria, there are also some local organizations like Hagiyo in Ifugao and Ilog Kindergarten Foundation Inc. in Negros Occidental that helped us find the most deserving children in the communities.

Local or tribal leaders of Indigenous People communities played a significant role in transporting the school supplies from the last passable road going to their respective areas. Together with Cherry Mobile team and local volunteers, they traversed several hours of hike across rivers, plains and mountains to bring the ‘bags of hope’ to children who are patiently waiting for their arrival.

Hope brings courage that sets the children’s motivation ablaze to pursue their dream, and that is through education. With complete set of school materials, we have equipped them well to perform in class at their best. This is Cherry Mobile and CherrySkwela’s stakeholders’ humble contribution to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals which is to help the children have access to quality education. As the ‘bag of hope’ project sets forward to the trails of challenges in pursuit of reaching out to 10,000 children, we can make a lasting change.