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Reaching that bright light at the end of the dark tunnel — this has been the enduring goal of Cherry Mobile not merely as a corporate entity but as a catalyst for better developmental reforms and experiences for the Filipinos from every inch of the archipelago. Through its compelling sense of innovation, it has created a means of helping communities through the Cosmic Light of Hope project. It is a solar lamp made especially to serve functions of life along the unreached margins of the country. It was made to illuminate every Filipino home devoid of electricity and its benefits.

Now, many people will reap the wonders of this bright gift. Filipino children will have the rare luxury of a stronger source of light while they per over their noted and books to study. Mothers will have light in the kitchen as they prepare supper for their families. Fathers will never lose sight of making sure everyone at home is safe and settled. Families will now have a modern torch for them to hold on to as they look into reaching the brighter days ahead.

Reaching thousands of households alongside the implementation of the Be Cool in School Project and the 12 Gifts of Christmas across the Philippines, the Cosmic Light of Hope will forever serve as an exuding inspiration for Filipino eyes to look into a brighter future and away from the dimmed past. It is through these solar lamps that Filipinos can now embark on a shining journey for long-lasting change.