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Cosmic Technologies Inc. (CTI) continues to evolve with the current progressive lifestyle of the Filipinos, giving them essential products that can help them in their day-to-day activities. One of the latest brands that CTI introduced last year was the Cherry Essentials. Under its brand is the CHERRY ION – A Personal Wearable Air Purifier.

The on-going pandemic has been a challenge to everyone — mentally, physically and emotionally. As people continue to do their everyday duties, they look for ways on how they can still get added protection on top of following stringent physical distancing protocols, wearing protective equipment like masks, and using of disinfectant solutions, One product that stood out is the Cherry Ion, a product that helps improve the quality of the air we breathe.

Cherry Ion is a small lightweight wearable device that can emit up to 200 Million healthy negatively-charged ions per cm3/second which fight away airborne viruses, bacteria, germs, smoke, dust, pollutants and allergens as the device creates a 3-foot zone of cleaner air around your breathing space (when worn around your neck as a necklace). This device is ideal for people who are prone to allergy attacks driven by pollen, dust, and other airborne triggers. It can also strengthen your immune system and blood circulation, as well as lower stress levels – indeed, stress is a usual occurrence driven by the many uncertainties these days.

This device is easy to use as it is rechargeable via micro USB and can be used for up to 12 hours. Cherry Ion comes in many colors such as Black Silver, Black Gold, White Gold, White Rose Gold, and limited colors includes Black Red, Black Purple, All Black, and All White. Cherry Ion also has a variety of designs from the Love Marie Collection by Heart and from Cherry’s international brand collaboration with Tokidoki.

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