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Play-to-earn (P2E) projects are changing the gaming industry. Given the current
growth in both gaming and cryptocurrencies, they can create endless possibilities
when combined. P2E mobile gaming is a perfect storm that has been steadily
influencing mobile app development.

Adamant Mine is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Cherry Mobile, the
Philippines’ leading mobile tech giant, as they angel invest into Adamant Global Ltd.
“This strategic alliance will elevate the connection with our community to new heights
and underscores Adamant Mine’s primary goal of raising its profile in the
decentralized finance DeFi space where we want to pursue new, innovative, and
attractive prospects in markets throughout the world,” says Dominic Go, Fintech
Adamant Intelligent Solutions Inc., CEO.

About Cherry Mobile

The inception of Cherry Mobile traces back to 2009, penetrating the local phone
industry with only four (4) mobile units to showcase. Shortly, after its launch, it
dominated the country’s Android mobile landscape with its Flare series, a dual-core
smartphone and the brand’s claim to fame.
More than a decade following its launch, Cherry Mobile still continues to thrive,
successfully providing accessible first-to-market innovations and introducing new
generations of smartphones to Filipino consumers from all walks of life.
As Cherry Mobile continues to adapt to global market trends, it perpetually taps and
strengthens its business relationships with the country’s industry leaders, maintaining
its position as the Philippines’ leading local tech giant.

Adamant Mine on Mobile

Adamant is the perfect blend of decentralized finance (DeFi), non-fungible token
(NFT), and mining games, allowing you to mine as many blocks as possible.
Adamant blocks have a variable amount of cryptocurrency, called $ADMC.
Adamant Mine being available on mobile allows more players to EARN, DONATE, and
BURN! What is more, with the Adamant NFT marketplace, players will have complete
control over their digital accounts and assets.
With Cherry Mobile, Adamant Mine will reward players all around the world with
tangible goods and monetary gains from doing what they love (even on their phone)!
Together, these two brands will work together increasing the accessibility of
cryptocurrency all around the world!