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Staying true to its mission of providing world-class value-for-money devices, Cherry Mobile tapped various locations around the country to identify the consumer’s most honest wants and needs – to aid in producing devices that meet such demands. The grassroots project resulted to the company being able to pin-point entertainment, imaging, gaming, and being social ready as they key factors being considered by its consumers, aside from the ultimate factor of affordability.

These results have led to Cherry Mobile’s release of its newest device, the Cherry Mobile Flare X. With Cherry Mobile executives, and media representatives, on-hand, attendees were able to experience first-hand, the said factors desired by consumers, through various stations at the event area. Powered by a 1.7GHz Octa-Core Processor with 3GB of RAM, the Cherry Mobile Flare X combines all four components into one powerful mobile device.

With one of the most powerful hardware available in the market today, it won’t disappoint avid mobile gamers and entertainment seekers as it boast of its 5.5” IPS Full HD Screen – coupled with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 Protection, for maximum graphic display quality. On top of its remarkable hardware and graphic capabilities, the new Flare X also gives its users the liberty to capture high-grade quality images with its 13MP Sony IMX 214 Main Camera.

Sharing images online, and staying connected, is also made much easier, as it is already LTE capable for users to enjoy the fastest data connectivity in the country. Meeting one’s desires with the Cherry Mobile Flare X also doesn’t require you to break the bank, as it is made affordable for a wider segment of the market with its’ PhP 6,999 retail price – cheaper than its’ foreign and local counterparts that offer the same benefits.

“As a leader in the local tech industry, Cherry Mobile feels that its is our duty to produce world-class, yet affordable, mobile devices for everyone. In fact, we want to continue to break the standard by offering the best all-in-one device at competitive price points,” said Lonson Alejandrino, Product Manager for Cherry Mobile.