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Cherry CaRES Philosophy

To be able to truly value people’s lifestyle, Cherry Mobile ceases to be a mere product in the market.

Cherry Mobile seeks to be a brand that interacts with its stakeholders’ way of life – a brand that creates and establishes connection with its consumers, employees, and the general public.

We make Cherry Mobile CaRES our guiding business principle, so that in every transaction we make with each of our stakeholders, we deliver the message of giving back, sharing, caring, and creating a positive impact.

Cherry Mobile CaRES stands for:



We aim to give our customers the best mobile experience by offering quality mobile phones. We aspire to continuously level up our products to cater to the changing needs of the Filipino market as well as maintain and improve our after-sales support.


natural Resources

We believe that the environment we thrive in does not belong to us and that we are mere stewards of it. We optimize what we have and make ourselves responsible for the resources that the next generation would inherit from us. We support environmental causes and implement sustainable business practices responsive to climate change.



Our best assets are our people. Thus, we foster our employees’ overall well-being, personal and professional development by giving them a valuable work experience.

We cultivate an atmosphere of positive competition and constructive criticism in the workplace, and imbibe in each of our employees the spirit of teamwork and the values of persistence and hard work.

By involving our employees in volunteer activities, we give them a first-hand grasp of what the grassroots communities are, and lead them to realize more about themselves and their ability to give and share, not only as constituents of Cherry Mobile, but as human beings capable to care for others.



We are part of a greater whole, and we desire to contribute to society by adding our very own contribution to the efforts of many groups and individuals in the country to improve the lives of our fellow Filipinos.

We have been and will continue to engage in philanthropic activities and outreaches to the poorest of the poor communities so that we can ignite change in the nation, one community at a time.