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How the New Player Changed The Game

Cherry Mobile’s astonishing rise to prominence has revolutionized the local telecommunications scene through its top-of-the-line and ground-breaking products. What started in 2009 as a mobile phone brand with only four units has swiftly overtaken its rivals in the entry-level market and is now considered a major player in the industry.

The Beginnings

Values Your Lifestyle

2009 marked Cherry Mobile’s commitment to become the top value-for-money mobile phone in the country. In its first year, Cosmic Technologies Inc. CEO Maynard Ngu envisioned Cherry Mobile to become the brand that has “Everything for Everyone,” providing handsets that cater to different age groups and match different lifestyles.

It was a dream that became a reality. So big it captivated the market and rocked its competitors – the telecommunications bigwigs. In 2010, barely two years after it started, Cherry Mobile was voted IT Company of the Year in the 3rd CyberPress Awards, upstaging some of the country’s technology giants.

The tagline “Values Your Lifestyle” is not only a promise to bring products that are comparable to high-end devices at reasonable prices, but also reflects the intention of the brand to serve the needs of its users. Starting from essential feature phones with true Dual SIM capabilities, the company has expanded its product range to entertainment-on-the-go TV and multimedia phones, and then eventually entered the smartphones segment for the tech savvy and smart social. Novelty is also consistent in the Cherry Mobile collection — with either hip, stylish designs, or with product capabilities ranging from multiple SIM to shockproof, waterproof handheld devices. Now, users can even personalize their back covers with the ME phone series, another first in the market.

Cherry Mobile’s Massive Growth and First-in-the-Scene Innovations

Cherry Mobile has revolutionized Philippine mobile technology as it brings first-in-the-market innovations such as Superion, the first Android Tablet in the country; Orbit, the first 3G Dual-SIM Android smartphone; Q70 Quad, the first quadruple SIM phone; MF1, the first Mifi phone; and G1, the first watch phone.

In 2013, the company launched W900 LTE as the first LTE local brand smartphone. The next year, Cherry Mobile is the first and only Filipino brand to release its line of Windows phones and devices as a result of an exclusive partnership with Microsoft.

Through the years, Cherry Mobile has positioned itself as the leading mobile company in the Philippines offering the best priced smartphones. In 2012, at the time when local brand smartphones were not widely accepted, Cherry Mobile Flare took the local Android mobile scene by storm when it became the most wanted phone of the Philippine mass market – a dual core smartphone at par with international brands but as a more affordable variant. This then paved the way for the local smartphone industry, with Cherry Mobile taking the lead in offering quality smartphones at extremely affordable prices. Alpha Style, which is priced at Php2,999, is considered the most affordable Windows phone in the world. Firefox Ace, a result of an exclusive partnership with Firefox and is retailing at Php999 or approximately 22 USD, is now deemed the most affordable smartphone in the world.

Cherry Mobile is also the only local brand to partner with the most trusted technology leaders in terms of hardware, software, and peripherals.

Providing the Ultimate Mobile Experience

Aside from showcasing innovative and feature-packed devices, Cherry Mobile provides its consumers the ultimate mobile experience through its Value-Added Services: Cherry Fun Club, Pinoy Appshop, Cherry Play App Store, and Cherry Mobile eWarranty. Cherry Fun Club is an application that enables users to receive fun and interesting services on their mobile phones. Pinoy Appshop and Cherry Play App Store are applications that give easy access to a variety of mobile applications, with the former focused on 100% Filipino-made applications. Cherry Mobile eWarranty is an innovative service that replaces the traditional warranty card.

Along with these developments, Cherry Mobile upholds better customer care and support by opening more service centers nationwide. This is Cherry Mobile’s pledge to give its consumers only the best experience every step of the way– from planning of purchase to after-sales support.

Breaking New Frontiers

Cherry Mobile affirms its commitment to break new frontiers and go beyond the usual. In addition to its ground-breaking technologies, Cherry Mobile takes seasoned strides to sustain its persistent growth in this business. The company embarks on expanding into several key markets and establishing solid partnerships with local and international industry leaders. Widening its distribution network will make its products available to all. Pacing up even further, Cherry Mobile embraces new markets in Thailand and Myanmar since 2013. It continues to develop new markets as a step to carry the Filipino brand to new grounds and greater capabilities. Consumers can also look forward to an even wider array of high end but affordable products in addition to the current Cherry Mobile collection.

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