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The Cherry Mobile Story

Nine years after its groundbreaking launch, Cherry Mobile continues to revolutionize the local mobile phone industry through its globally competitive breakthroughs and innovations.

What started in 2009 as a brand with only four (4) units to showcase, has now taken a full transition to build an ecosystem of innovative products and communication services for the Filipino Market.

The Beginnings

The year 2009 marked Cherry Mobile’s commitment to provide top value-for-money phones in the Philippines.

Guided with the Chief Executive Officer (CEO)’s, Maynard Ngu, vision to become a brand that has everything for everyone, Cherry Mobile prevails to provide products that serve across age  groups and cater to various lifestyles.

In 2010, barely a year after it was founded, Cherry Mobile was voted as the “IT Company of the Year” in the 3rd CyberPress awards, upstaging the country’s global tech giants.

It was a dream that became a reality – so big it has captivated the Filipino market and rocked its competitors.

Values Your Lifestyle

Not only set to bring reasonably-priced products that are at par with high-end ones, Cherry Mobile’s tagline “Values Your Lifestyle” also reflects the intention of the brand to serve the needs of its users.

This comes true in the form of first-to-market propositions ranging from dual-SIM phones, entertainment-on-the-go TV and multimedia phones, smartphones, and lifestyle devices.

Game-Changer in Every Step

Cherry Mobile, through out the years, has consistently offered products fitting to the needs and lifestyles of its existing and potential consumers.

It has launched first-in-the-market innovations and globally-competitive devices, bringing accessible and affordable technology closer to the Philippine mass market.

In 2012, Cherry Mobile took the local Android mobile scene by storm when it launched Flare, a dual-core smartphone which then became the most wanted phone of the Filipino consumers.

This gave birth to the many generations of Flare smartphones adapting to the changes and trends in the mobile technology.

Putting Cherry on Top of the Game

Since 2016, Cherry Mobile positioned itself as the leading local mobile phone brand in the Philippines for two consecutive years already based on International Data Corporation (IDC) report.

The local mobile phone brand also received multiple recognitions and awards from various award-giving bodies, tech blogger partners, and more.

Seasoned Strides of Growth

Seeing beyond the sole desire to bring innovative devices to serve its market, Cherry Mobile establishes solid partnerships with the most trusted technology leaders in terms of hardware, software, and peripherals. It has ventured on other value-added services such as Cherry Fun Club, Cherry Play App Store, and Cherry Mobile e-Warranty.

Consistently, it has managed to improve and upgrade its offerings through investing on its own camera lab, an in-house testing center wherein phone’s camera hardware and software are being tested and tuned before releasing to the market.

Along with more ventures and venues to distribute products and services to its market, Cherry Mobile also upholds better customer care and after-sales services by opening more service centers nationwide.

It continues to grow further as it develops new global markets as a step to carry the Filipino brand to new frontiers and greater capabilities.

Set to expand new horizons and built an ecosystem to further cater to the Filipino market, Cherry Mobile will continue to move mountains, weather the tides, and conquer greater heights to bring game-changing devices to everyone in every market that it serves.

 CTI’s Quality Policy

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