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About 1.8 million Filipino children are abandoned and neglected according to United Nations’ Children’s Rights and Emergency Relief Organization.
Cherry Mobile demonstrates its compassion to abandoned, neglected children with special needs by recognizing, understanding, celebrating their abilities and importance more than the gifts (basic necessities such as boxes of milk, food, diapers, toiletries, etc.) the company donated to the kids.

A residential care facility located in Cavite served as a venue of the outreach activity. Cherry Mobile employees and a number of its scholars from different universities in Metro Manila reached-out to the children especially those with special needs.

This rare opportunity taught employees and scholars the joy of sharing and caring… a unique way of celebrating the love month (February) specially intended for those who needed it most– the less fortunate kids who longed for it. Indeed, it was a splendid opportunity to witness how the kids appreciated the gift of love through interaction with them such as group games, short presentations and group lunch.
The children may be physical well, but given their history they are considered ‘special’ since they were born from mentally ill parents. But despite of which, the volunteers realized that the children could actually act normally in some ways, given with proper care and attention.
After the friendly activities, Cherry Mobile volunteers handed humble donation to the institution. Indeed, it really felt great to be a channel of blessing to the children! A heart-warming experience it was, according to volunteers. They were so glad that they were able to inspire the children with ample time that they have shared.
Volunteering to those who are in need is an opportunity to improve quality of life. Simple ways like hosting an outreach activity and sharing stories are life-changing.